Atom AR Hoody, Atom LT Jacket/ Hoody

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Atom AR Hoody, Atom LT Jacket/ Hoody Empty Atom AR Hoody, Atom LT Jacket/ Hoody

Post by Arc'teryx Fanatic on Sat Feb 07, 2015 9:08 pm

Spring is around the corner and if you haven't decided on a jacket, you'd better check out the Atom.

This is an awesome piece of clothing - keeps you warm in chilly weather but your body can breath when it's warm. Can be worn as an outer  layer or a mid layer under a shell or another jacket.

I have 2 of them - LT jacket (roseberry) and AR Hoody (cherry wine). I tested them on one of the coldest days this winter - wore the LT under the AR. I was soooooooooooo warm. My husband was wearing Rab Nutrino and was complaining about the cold. But not me. And I am the one who is always cold. I didn't feel the wind, I didn't feel the humidity, I didn't need a scarf, just zipped the AR up to my chin, I didn't need a hat - the hood was a perfect fit and I didn't boil in the stores I entered. I was so cozy and comfortable. And I looked great.t The colours complimented each other, the fit was just wonderful. I am 5 ft tall with a small waist, so I don't have to mention that I don't need bulky clothes and  XS fits me perfectly.

I'm not going to explain in detail the materials and construction of the jacket. This is done much better in the Arc'teryx website.
I'll just mention the one thing I am absolutely crazy about these jackets - the cuffs. These are the most amazing cuffs - so soft, so delicate, so pretty, they keep the sleeves in place, gently hugging your wrists - not too tight, not too big.

In a nut shell - if you want a jacket that is stylish and comfortable, that can be worn everywhere and all year round, don't think twice, just go and get and Atom.

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