Arcteryx Therme (BNWT) (Worlds' BEST Winter Jacket)

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Arcteryx Therme (BNWT) (Worlds' BEST Winter Jacket) Empty Arcteryx Therme (BNWT) (Worlds' BEST Winter Jacket)

Post by Dave on Wed Feb 11, 2015 6:31 am

Brand new with receipt. Picked BEST winter jacket by Outdoor Gear Labs. Supremely warm and super stylish. The Therme used to be part of the ULTRA EXPENSIVE Veilance line.

Size large.
The Arc'teryx Therme was the favorite of our testers, winning our Editors' Choice award for best winter jacket. The combination of warmth, weather resistance, and useful features in a beautiful package all played a part in making this coat stand out above the competition. it is a true jack of all trades, an ideal coat that does everything almost perfectly.

This is a classic Arc'teryx piece, in that the features are subdued and vital. This company has never been one for busy designs and flashy pockets, and that is revealed t in the exploration of the jacket: mapped insulation invisible to the naked eye, ergonomic stitching that moves with the body, a cinch cord for the hood stored away in the back and out of sight.

Style may be largely personal, but clean is universal - and this coat is CLEAN. The first noticeable feature is that an outer lining covers the insulating baffles, giving this jacket a smoother, cleaner looks. In stark contrast with, the Canada Goose Expedition, this product has only a handful of useful pockets that lay smooth against the fabric and hidden under storm flaps. The three colors it is available in are classic and neutral, appropriate at an opera or a at a campfire. On closer inspection, the woven fabric reflects color in a variety of hues and depths and reminds one of an old twill coat, yet with a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane and cutting edge combination of down and synthetic insulation.

Traditional winter wear might not look like this product, and we like that. Arc'teryx for years has redefined what technical garments should look and feel like, and this is yet another example of eliminating noise and bulk and focusing on the most important parts of the winter jacket - warmth, weather protection, comfort, and style.

Everyday living in winter should be done in this coat, a high quality and sharp looking masterpiece with modern technology and design.


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Arcteryx Therme (BNWT) (Worlds' BEST Winter Jacket) Empty Re: Arcteryx Therme (BNWT) (Worlds' BEST Winter Jacket)

Post by Mike1 on Tue Feb 17, 2015 5:09 pm

Hey you have a PM.


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